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    84: Special Community Edition III With Guest Fredrik Andersson

    Henning's power is out. Fredrik Andersson of Reactive Slack fame joined us for this episode! iPhone X is pronounced iPhone ten. Nordic.js was cool. Ex-Googlers try to kill bodegas with a vending machine. Smart phones drive all the web traffic growth in the US.

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    83: Maybe The Problem Isn't The Food Part

    Henning is awaiting the storm. Software devving while blind. Henning got promoted and is hiring a team lead. has some cool features. Kahlil is working on a new design for his blog.

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    82: If There Is A CoC The Rules Are In There For A Reason

    This time we needed bear facts to fill in for Henning who was sick unfortunately. Other than that we covered the Node kerfuffle as well as the re-occurance of the React license kerfuffle. Also Kahlil thinks Medium is going down the fugly path (it's just his opinion maaan). Also: Bluetooth door locks and a pretty interesting compiler by Jason Miller of Preact fame.

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    81: This Is Supposed To Just Work

    Kahlil wrote about managing Git hooks for a team. npm is working on their new website with their own framework. Prettier is moving quickly. The Lean Startup is a cool scientific way to approach product building. SoundCloud might keep on keeping on.

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    80: You're Biologically Not Able To Be On This Podcast

    Kahlil declares his manifesto. Uber's cars a burning down. ServiceWorker will be landing in Safari soon. Meditation as a tool. JavaScript for people who hate JavaScript. Henning's team is moving to sprints.

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    79: I Really Enjoy Refactoring For Some Reason

    Henning is out on a conflict resolution retreat with Evil Henning this week. Rockbot tells us about how npm deals with security issues. She also went to the Node Summit. We are fangirling and fanboying over Paul Irish and Rebecca Murphy. Kahlil is refactoring something and iterated on Oddstream. npm is hiring again. npm adopted a wombat. What The Health is an interesting documentary.

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    77: npx tool dadadada

    Henning thinks Apple Watch is called iWatch. npx has landed! SoundCloud fired lots of people. Overcast in-app ads are very interesting.

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    76: Password Or Monkey

    Henning is gone but we have Salmon facts! Was npm hacked 😱? Rockbot's website was down. Netlify and JAMStack is pretty cool. Rockbot moved. Github culture seems to need more work. Doist goes counter-Slack. Open source maintainers are still burning out.

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