Two friends map, filter and reduce streams of mostly development-related thoughts into audio form.

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    100: "guts" Was A Little Gross

    We are back! Henning talks about finally launching the first site with the "unified web platform". It's a Vue.js app talking to multiple APIs. Kahlil wrote about enums and made a small CLI tool for common Git tasks called "belly".

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    99: 👋😭 @rockbot

    This is Raquel's farewell episode. Sadly she is leaving the podcast as a co-host. But don't fret, she will join us every once-in-a-while to tell us about her adventures at Slack and quirky animals.

    Other than that your three fav co-hosts chop it up about what's going on at Slack right now, various conferences they are going to, social media nowadays, the only thing Facebook is actually good for and the arrival of the animal of the week at Slack planning meetings.

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    98: It's Tiring Too, But It's Good

    Henning and Kahlil chop it up about moving in and out of the bay area, mob programming, building a massive e-commerce system and RSS and Twitter.

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    97: A Smoother-ish On-Boarding Process

    Henning and Kahlil chop it up about learning the systems at a new company, AWS and Kahlil feels that the Angular platform is just now reaching some kind of maturity.

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    96: Without Cheese You Are Nothing

    Henning and Raquel talk about, the Poison Dart Frog, moving cheese, when to maintain and when to develop features, a laptop theft ring and the fact that Slack is mostly PHP 😱

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    93: Why Not Put Everything In The JavaScript?

    Raquel is off because she just started her new job. Kahlil and Henning discuss overfeatured apps, "portals", Kahlil's job changing news and Web Components for building apps.

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    92: I Want Your Ideas, Give Me Your Ideas!

    Raquel signed up for Amazon Prime. A Japanese man makes paintings with Excel. Henning is wrestling with code reviews. Somebody tweeted you need a CS degree to program. The flying squirrel is the animal of the day!

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    91: Alright Kid, I'm Going To Teach You Basic!

    Kahlil is out but Henning and Raquel chop it up and talk about Raquel's staycation, about Henning dealing with Black Friday traffic and how kids can learn how to code.

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    89: Compose Those Components

    Henning is out hosting Possums. Raquel and Kahlil wonder about US politics. Kahlil thinks Web Components are exciting. Screenhero is now in Slack. ES Modules in Chrome work!

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    88: I Have To Get On The Phone With The Racoon

    Raquel has been kidnapped by a Racoon. Kahlil is back at work. Henning needs a testing framework for APIs. Should applicants have to do a test? Kahlil is back in Nested Loops meetings. Kahlil is watching Mindhunter.

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    86: Little Fluffy Fluffballs Of Chaos

    Panda facts because of a Henning no-show. Kahlil was in Croatia. React is now MIT. npm 2-factor auth, TURN IT ON! China unblocked Twitter is testing 280 characters. Anonymous hiring with Web Components are taking off. Python is the fastest growing programming language because machine learning. Kahlil relaunched his blog with Hugo and Netlify.

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    84: Special Community Edition III With Guest Fredrik Andersson

    Henning's power is out. Fredrik Andersson of Reactive Slack fame joined us for this episode! iPhone X is pronounced iPhone ten. Nordic.js was cool. Ex-Googlers try to kill bodegas with a vending machine. Smart phones drive all the web traffic growth in the US.

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    83: Maybe The Problem Isn't The Food Part

    Henning is awaiting the storm. Software devving while blind. Henning got promoted and is hiring a team lead. has some cool features. Kahlil is working on a new design for his blog.

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    82: If There Is A CoC The Rules Are In There For A Reason

    This time we needed bear facts to fill in for Henning who was sick unfortunately. Other than that we covered the Node kerfuffle as well as the re-occurance of the React license kerfuffle. Also Kahlil thinks Medium is going down the fugly path (it's just his opinion maaan). Also: Bluetooth door locks and a pretty interesting compiler by Jason Miller of Preact fame.

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    81: This Is Supposed To Just Work

    Kahlil wrote about managing Git hooks for a team. npm is working on their new website with their own framework. Prettier is moving quickly. The Lean Startup is a cool scientific way to approach product building. SoundCloud might keep on keeping on.

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    80: You're Biologically Not Able To Be On This Podcast

    Kahlil declares his manifesto. Uber's cars a burning down. ServiceWorker will be landing in Safari soon. Meditation as a tool. JavaScript for people who hate JavaScript. Henning's team is moving to sprints.

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    79: I Really Enjoy Refactoring For Some Reason

    Henning is out on a conflict resolution retreat with Evil Henning this week. Rockbot tells us about how npm deals with security issues. She also went to the Node Summit. We are fangirling and fanboying over Paul Irish and Rebecca Murphy. Kahlil is refactoring something and iterated on Oddstream. npm is hiring again. npm adopted a wombat. What The Health is an interesting documentary.

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    77: npx tool dadadada

    Henning thinks Apple Watch is called iWatch. npx has landed! SoundCloud fired lots of people. Overcast in-app ads are very interesting.

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    76: Password Or Monkey

    Henning is gone but we have Salmon facts! Was npm hacked 😱? Rockbot's website was down. Netlify and JAMStack is pretty cool. Rockbot moved. Github culture seems to need more work. Doist goes counter-Slack. Open source maintainers are still burning out.

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    75: Extremely Small & Very Focused

    Kahlil has Hoodie working in tinydraft. He also was at the Glastonbury Festival last week. Henning did many interesting and challenging things at work. Microservices might be in Henning's future. How do Functions-as-a-Service even?!

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    74: An Entire System In One Person's Head

    Kahlil is out rehearsing. Henning and Raquel are back! They talk rolling out humongous projects, single maintainer projects. There is also some news about Uber, some science stuff and self driving cars in this episode.

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    72: My Understanding Of The Internet Was Like Swiss Cheese

    We're all back. Capybara is the animal of the week. Rockbot spoke at Web Rebels. Henning and Rockbot talk mentoring by pairing. Apple released things. Elon Musk is being awesome again. Rockbot gets into static site generating.

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    71: Special Community Edition With Guest Felix Jung

    Rockbot is in Norway webrebelling. Henning has job emergencies. Kahlil decided to ask the Reactive Podcast Community Members™ if anybody would like to help out as a co-host. So meet Felix Jung! Reactive Podcast Community Member™! He talks about how he got to programming, what he does on SumUp and discusses Angular, React,, and other interesting things with Kahlil.

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    70: Frameworks Are Becoming Compilers

    The band is back together! Henning watched Moana 100 times. Rockbot had a Twitter break and a 10 year college reunion. Kahlil is porting to Preact. preact-cli is out. Tom Dales says Frameworks are becoming compilers. Ben Schwarz makes CalibreApp. CSS-in-JS is a huge thing.

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    69: What Is This Lockfile Business?

    Henning is out battling EvilHenning once again. Snail facts! JSConf EU happened and Kahlil did stuff there. Rockbot will be at WebRebels. npm@5 is coming. Merry 🎄 is a cool tool. @substack rants. Preact is cool.

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    68: It's Enough For Me To Know The Gist

    Henning is out so we have Mosquito facts! Glitch is a place where you can learn how to dev even. CodePen launched Projects. VPN for Americans. Kahlil shipped tinydraft. Instagram is eating everything.

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    67: It Lets You Get In At The 10th Or 15th Floor

    You can find out if you have been pwned. LastPass had a breach. The Manager's Path is a cool book. Mastodon is a thing. So is Scuttlebutt. Windows 10 is ugly. There is npm news! Twitter made a PWA. Is Magic™ good or bad?

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    66: Our Commits Really Do Matter

    Raquel and Henning have Manager Problems™. Kahlil writes bad commit messages. Henning is starting Brown Bag Talks at work. Raquel is kinda obsessed with the iPad Pro. Ember releases Glimmer.js. React is ruling framework-land. Node 6 had an issue. npm launched free Orgs!

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    65: The Principle Of Least Astonishment

    Animal of the week ... Kea. Raquel is back from nz.js. Wikileaks happened. Uber just can't help it. Lots of JS news from Kahlil: webpack, cycle.js, Rails loves JS, Hoodie.js and Quokka.js. Jenn Schiffer has a new job!

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    64: packages

    Raquel is heading to NZ. Cloudflare had some really bad days last week. AWS had a meltdown. npm has served up a HUGE number of packages. Goat facts. What happens to your digital assets when you depart this planet? Giving notice and some design changes at Stackoverflow, Github and Overcast.

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    63: Crazy Stuff At Uber

    Kahlil is in a music video. Raquel is out. Disney has some cool tech at Magic Kingdom. Henning talks about work stuff. A mini jsonapi update. Crazy disturbing things at Uber. DHH tweets.

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    62: Using Facts Instead Of Emotion

    Henning was at Sunshine PHP. Henning bought his son a Lego Mindstorm Set. Raquel switched to Visual Studio Code. Node might be in Hennings future. Next.js v2 is coming. Henning shipped JSON API endpoints. We talk about bringing work laptops home. What is a real web dev? Raquel drops the knowledge on salary negotiations.

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    61: The Only Way Forward Is Write Something, Anything

    Henning is out being a super-bat-dad. We have bat facts! npm is hiring. is a cool tool. How do we remember useful things? Helium is also a cool tool. GitLab had a fiasco. How to keep up writing regularly as a developer?

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    60: How To Refactor, When To Refactor

    Henning is out on mission once again. Rockbot is back from ScriptConf in Austria. Kahlil works on a big Angular Reactive form. We like refactoring. More React code will come to Unsplash has a cool story. Facebook Stories are coming. ES2017 has been released and we got Manatee facts!

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    59: Altaba Is Basically Yahoo's Zombie Name

    While Henning is out fighting the sinister doings of Evil-Henning, Kahlil and Raquel talk about tech stuff! The Basilisk Lizard is the animal of the week. Trello has been sold to Atlassian. Rockbot is off to Austria next week. Medium fired 50 people. Yahoo is now a zombie. Tom Dale joined LinkedIn. Why did RethinkDB fail? Prettier makes all JavaScript code pretty. Raquel test drove a Tesla.

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    58: Job Title: Owner Advisor

    There are panthers in Florida. Raquel got a new MacBook Pro. Tesla is doing radar magic. The uber comedy continues. npm has a NEW search. The GOP is doing sad stuff. A new markdown editor called Typora.

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    57: How Delicious Was The T-Rex?

    We are down a(n) Henning and that's why we have chicken facts!!! Kahlil has problems believing anything any officials say about hacking elections. Slack now has video calls. Skype does not care about security. Kahlil wrote a thing on his blog. npm are playing around with Next.js.

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    56: Things Going The Way Of The Dodo

    Kahlil caught something. Some duck facts. Storage space problems. Google gives up on self-driving cars. Pebble went away. Uber is testing self-driving cars. You should use 2-factor authentication.

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    55: I've Been Up To ... Stuff

    Raquel is back from Singapore where Monitor Lizards roam. Amazon is building a new kind of store. Thoughts on open source maintainer burnout. Standing desks. A new really good podcast.

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    54: There Was An Election

    All together again - finally! The election happened and we cannot help but vent. Raquel is going on some exciting trips. JSConf EU was announced. How to teach programming to kids. Next.js is pretty cool and butterfly feet.

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    53: It's About Removing Cognitive Load

    Grizzly bear facts. Baby talk. Henning is team-lead now. JSON API + Swagger = <3. Linting, commit messages & style guides. Kahlil was on a two-day bug-hunt. React Fiber is a thing.

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    52: Keep The Fuzzies Going

    This week's animal facts are about the European Hedgehog. Facebook released Yarn - a new npm CLI client. Florida has hurricanes, California has earthquakes. The sad state of people securing their sensitive data. How to get developers to agree on stuff. Remote working is hard.

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    51: This Is Not Necessarily My Favorite Subject Ever

    Kahlil is a dad! Twitter is for sale. Babel, Seti, Mars and other small news items. Homebrew hit 1.0.0. Raquel and Henning still don't like Snap Chat. Interviewing is hard. Raquel's upcoming talks.

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    50: Big Up Alligator Moms

    Alligators are awesome. Raquel was in Iceland. Electron continues to be awesome. Aliens are signaling us. Pokémon GO may be over. Some follow-up on Functors. Uber is experimenting with autonomous cars. Jenn Schiffer has a new Medium article out. André Staltz explains pure functions in JavaScript.

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    47: With Great Visibility Comes A Lot Of Knee-Jerk Reactions

    Once again we have a bunch of technical problems. We have a funny JavaScript satire article for you. Kahlil learned React. npm website code is no longer public. Kahlil is fighting with this Angular component. Trump is getting beat up more.

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    46: Look At Me Writing Bash Scripts!

    Raquel is still playing Pokémon Go. npm camp happened. KarlsruheJS happened. npm's WD-40 tools week happened. Kahlil likes create-react-app. Nodebots Day happened. Rockbot will be speaking at various conferences. Stackoverflow Documentation is a thing. Kahlil is involved in music project that is being released this month. Rockbot read a book about people management. There is new Node drama.

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    45: Pokémon Go Came Out And The Internet Just Shut Up

    Henning is still moving to Florida. Github changed their fonts and people freaked out. Raquel explains Pokémon Go to Kahlil. HyperTerm is hype. npm has a new CTO. Reply All told the left_pad story. American politics are weird.

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    44: I'm Kind Of A Big Deal On Snapchat

    We talk about Snapchat, what is it good for? How do you use it? This might be Henning's last show from Germany. Jessica Lorde explained Electron on Hanselminutes. Maciej Cegłowski talks morality in tech. Kahlil ditches Browserify for Webpack. Trello made an app for Slack.

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    43: npm install space-suit

    Kahlil is back and has HUGE news! NASA is using node. We speculate about why Samsung bought Joyent. We talk about politics a bit and what to do about gun violence. Kahlil gives a shoutout to Browserify and Raquel gives us an update on her React learnings.

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    42: Yep, I'm Just A Weird Little Muppet

    Henning plays video games. Microsoft is buying Linkedin. WWDC happened. Raquel talked to Lewis., a new npm search, emerged. More on npm web hooks. We are sad about the Orlando shooting.

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    40: It Just Doesn't Make Any Sense! Discuss.

    Raquel will be at ScotlandJS next week. Kahlil is back from Thailand. Raquel's sister got married. Henning got a new job and is moving to the US! Node 6 showed a bug in npm. Raquel keeps playing with React. npmcamp is coming! Boilerplates can be bad.

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    39: Making The Web Great Again Or Whatever

    Raquel is hanging out with wombats. Kahlil called Henning from Thailand and they talked about Monitor Lizards, there was some Bublé backpedaling, Twitter might be increasing its character limit. ".js" needs some defending. Parsey McParseface uses SyntaxNet by Google. XStream, a subset of Rxjs.

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    38: Nobody Actually Knows What They're Doing

    Kahlil is hanging out with rhinos and bats. How C should be taught. Turns out our show notes are useful. Budo is awesome! Squishy Circuits are not just for kids! Github changed its pricing model. We have tons of new slack members!

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    37: We're Experiencing Technical Difficulties. Please Stand By

    Raquel and Henning experience some technical problems during the recording of this episode. Henning is wrangling Salesforce. Apple revenues are down. Anders Hejlsberg nerds out over TypeScript and compilers. Being a developer over 40. Raquel is allergic to Space.

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    36: I Love Significant Whitespace

    Henning's laptop was stolen by a Raccoon. Rockbot got a promotion. Kahlil spoke at StuttgartJS. Jade is now Pug. Bublé aims to be faster than Babel. Employee-friendly companies can be awesome. Who owns an engineering team's skill debt?

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    32: We Went To Dramatown In JavaScriptland

    Henning had his first podcast guest appearance. Kahlil is going on an observables road show. Raquel is probably dealing with #left-padgage.

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    30: So That's How You Do It, Like Ninja Style

    Kid safe web searching with Kiddle. What is the deal with ES6 const? More about our podcasts and a challenge by Rockbot. Issues with Overcast. Ember has LTS releases now. Conference news.

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    29: The Accounting Nightmare Goes Away By Doing That

    Henning botches the intro. Raquel was on the Creative Coding podcast. is cool. Stripe makes starting a business easy and taxes are pretty lame. We are looking for a co-host for Descriptive.

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    28: You Are Asking For a Massive, Massive Unicorn

    Apple takes on the US government. The Hyper Card cliff hanger that was not. In case you did not know what a quokka is - now you do. Some comments about Mr. Crockford. Writing tests for browser-JS is annoyingly hard. Beautiful pictures from space and Henning really needs a new twitter handle.

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    27: The Person Did Not Come to Us After the Talk

    Kahlil and Henning are back from TopConf in Austria and brought some Linzer torte. Raquel reviews "2015 in review" by Sebastian McKenzie's, creator of Babel.js. A summary of "Simple Made Easy" and grand plans for the Reactive Germany tour.

  75. Thumb 1453999121 artwork

    26: Living in a Cave

    Kahlil is on a heist, Henning is living in a cave and Raquel is back from vacation. The npm progress bar issue. Working on talks and talk proposals. JSConf Columbia videos are out. The joys of refactoring and pair programming.

  76. Thumb 1453473902 artwork

    25: Emergency Nap

    Raquel is is taking an emergency nap. Introduction to Ember Engines. Kahlil got his Cycle.js todomvc comments PR merged. Yay! An introduction to Elixir and Phoenix. Controversy and drama around React / Redux.

  77. Thumb 1452774958 artwork

    24: I Love Using Interviews as Practice

    Raquel is having fun in the snow. There is a new thing called Peach. Microsoft is ending support for IE 8, 9 and 10. Setting up tests with Nemo and Browser Stack. EmpireJS, CycleConf and other confs. StuttgartJS is back! Job interviews and how to deal with rejection.

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    23: You Can't Be Romantic With Anything on the Web

    Happy New Year! Resolutions, or not. Fix your electronic devices instead of tossing them. Will Twitter change its character limit? No JSConfEU/CSSConfEU in 2016. Raquel will keynote at ScotlandJS. If you need help with a CFP just ask @rockbot. Using Slack to manage your ToDos. The Hypercard cliffhanger.

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    21: We'll Eat and Be Merry? Mostly?

    Henning is having a baby. The world is coming to a screeching halt. Knitting ugly sweaters with JavaScript. Fido Web is a thing! Explaining Observables ... AGAIN! Raquel is learning ES6. npm data is fascinating. Henning and Kahlil are speaking at TopConf.

  81. Thumb 1449840937 artwork

    20: The Human Brain is a Fascinating Piece of ... uh Meat

    Strands of cold viruses are making their rounds. Sentinel Events - agile principles in other industries. We released Descriptive Episode 24. Gigster the digital agency killer. The Reactive coding challenge and some streams of tweets about "diversity".

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    18: One of the Uxes

    Wordpress started using React, Flux, node and all sorts of modern stuff. Micro services, json-api and more on git.

  84. Thumb 1448018654 artwork

    17: That is Not Magic I Can Pull Out Every Single Day

    npm launched Private Packages for Organizations! Raquel elaborates on the new features. Kahlil wrote a local storage driver for cycle.js. Sad things are happening in the world. More facts on the wombat anatomy.

  85. Thumb 1447329434 artwork

    16: I'm Stressed Out

    Henning is stressed out (but better now)! Raquel plays with puppies and Kahlil successfully helps release an internal alpha. How do you handle deadline stress? git-flow and other strategies for simplifying git in teams. Duck puppies and fart squirrels in our new Slack #happy channel.

  86. Thumb 1446723001 artwork

    15: I Ended Up in Web Development Because: Reasons

    We fixed Fido. Some people are upset about hearts (on Twitter). Wombats poop cubes. Why you should exercise. Competing code format standards and why Raquel is sticking with Sublime Text 3. What your first programming language should be.

  87. Thumb 1446126245 artwork

    14: Wizards Of The Browser

    None of us like Halloween. The Martian in German. How to find node modules. What makes documentation good. CSS wizardry. More on RXJS and Observables. And the origin story of the npm wombat.

  88. Thumb 1445509077 artwork

    13: Don't Game. Turn Off The Internet!

    Raquel reports back from JSConf Colombia where she gave a talk in Spanish for the first time. Jafar Husain was on Descriptive. A good place to spend the proceeds of the Nested Loops T-shirt profits. Rock and Roll with Ember - the ebook and reading books in general. Ask Kahlil Anything on his AMA repo! Offline support with one line of code. We really really like Overcast! Tom Dale makes a peace offering. Raquel wants to know what your favorite docs are.

  89. Thumb 1444900356 artwork

    12: Focus On The Things That Are Cool

    Kahlil gave a talk on Observables. How do you keep up with technology? Twitter lays off a large number of employees. Twitter is for old people. Project management and software estimating is hard. The state of npm Orgs. Photoshop is dead and why Kahlil is going to keep his latest twitter handle for all times.

  90. Thumb 1444298573 artwork

    11: My Phone is Just Freaking Out

    Turns out Kahlil is not only a JavaScript developer, but also a vocalist!!! Kahlil’s musical history and the making of "Nested Loops". Raquel gave an inspiring talk at Strange Loop about JavaScript and Robots. A new initiative for more enjoyable consumption of mobile content - Accelerated Mobile Pages. We are going to introduce a Code of Conduct for our Slack channel. Product Hunt now supports podcasts. Henning needs an audio version of our Slack bot.

  91. Thumb 1443116859 artwork

    10: Wash Your Hands

    Conferences, conferences and more conferences, everybody is attending conferences. Beware of conference Crud. The state of computer vision in JavaScript. What is the definition of a junior engineer? Ember Guides are getting serious. Yargs is very piraty.

  92. Thumb 1442482232 artwork

    9: Hulk Smash Internet

    The Internet is mad. iPhone silliness. Sadly DailyJS and JSConf US are coming to an end. Raquel will be at Strange Loop next week. Kahlil got a PR merged into Gulp. Workflow stuff. npm orgs, search, shrinkwrap and more. Cilantro tastes like soap/awesome.

  93. Thumb 1441883208 artwork

    8: People Are Just So Scared of SemVer

    The 10-minute Apple event summary. Henning introduces Fido - the thing that fetches iTunes reviews. Node 4 is out! An explanation of what Semantic Versioning is. Kahlil provides an update on the Gittens project by the Reactivists. The podcast also has a recipe repo now! We discuss the RockBot illustration by me-stevens. Recap of the NightlyBuild conf. What we do to balance our work with the rest of life.

  94. Thumb 1441279282 artwork

    7: Disrupt Ads!

    This week Etsy’s CTO wrote about building culture, and Brad Frost calls for "Death to Bullshit." The after-work conference NightlyBuild has a refreshing speaker lineup. Raquel explains how the book "The Design of Everyday Things" translates to our field. Will Binns-Smith built the Chrome extension that Raquel wished for in our last episode. We also talk a lot about cats and dogs.

  95. Thumb 1440670087 artwork

    6: We Are a Mess of Giggles

    Raquel had some CSS issues this week and crafted a very amusing tweet about it. Our Slack channel is slowly growing and is now probably the best place to get in touch with us. We also discuss the Ember Community versioning project and the 2.0 release of Ember itself and how we wish more projects would follow this example. Kahlil released an npm package called esnow, which he discussed in a previous episode.

  96. Thumb 1440070270 artwork

    5: I Don't Know if You Are a Regular Podlebrity Anymore

    Kahlil declares Raquel a Podlebrity and explains what that means. We then discuss the pending deletion of Raquel's Wikipedia page and learn about Browserify and several of the related *ify modules such as Uglifyify. Henning confesses that he is not entirely over vim. In closing we discuss the various static site hosting options out there.

  97. Thumb 1439489179 artwork

    4: A Little Mouse Named Henning

    Our team is complete again for this episode! Raquel, Kahlil and Henning discuss Google's announcement about Alphabet and speculate about what it all means. Raquel shares her enthusiasm about the screen sharing app Screenhero and how it compares to other services and apps in the space. Henning reports on his progress with implementing JSON-API and last but not least Kahlil talks about Redux and client-side state management.

  98. Thumb 1438979173 artwork

    3: Ops is More Like Biology

    Raquel and Henning tackle this weeks topics without Kahlil who had other stuff to take care of. They speculate about what Github might do with the giant wad of cash they got in their series B funding and talk about how developers could benefit from knowing more about Opsy stuff. The last topic of the show is about meetups and how some of them are trying to set themselves apart by mixing it up with Music and having a cover charge that gets donated to charity. Food names for Javascript meetups seems to be an up and coming thing.

  99. Thumb 1438332081 artwork

    2: Search is Like Inherently Impossible

    Raquel is back and shares her experience at the Recurse Center, where she was a resident last week. We then discuss the difficulties of search in general and how this applies to npm's package search. Kahlil introduces Henning and Raquel to Observables and various patterns in Angular2.

  100. Thumb 1437648571 artwork

    1: We Got a Vim User off of Vim

    While Raquel is Hacker in Residence at the Recurse Center in NYC this week Kahlil and Henning do their best to record a late night Reactive episode and discuss a range of topics, such as Henning's apparent abandoning of vim 😱 and Jafar Husain's insane knowledge about Reactive Programming, ES6 and his talks about how they apply Reactive Programming at Netflix.

  101. Thumb 1437033222 artwork

    0: I Am Going To Leave All This In, Just So You Know

    In this inaugural episode of Reactive, Raquel, Henning and Kahlil talked about what this show is, fight out an epic editor flame war, talk rapid Rest API development and some news that are HOT RIGHT NOW!

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