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    53: It's About Removing Cognitive Load

    Grizzly bear facts. Baby talk. Henning is team-lead now. JSON API + Swagger = <3. Linting, commit messages & style guides. Kahlil was on a two-day bug-hunt. React Fiber is a thing.

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    52: Keep The Fuzzies Going

    This week's animal facts are about the European Hedgehog. Facebook released Yarn - a new npm CLI client. Florida has hurricanes, California has earthquakes. The sad state of people securing their sensitive data. How to get developers to agree on stuff. Remote working is hard.

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    51: This Is Not Necessarily My Favorite Subject Ever

    Kahlil is a dad! Twitter is for sale. Babel, Seti, Mars and other small news items. Homebrew hit 1.0.0. Raquel and Henning still don't like Snap Chat. Interviewing is hard. Raquel's upcoming talks.

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    50: Big Up Alligator Moms

    Alligators are awesome. Raquel was in Iceland. Electron continues to be awesome. Aliens are signaling us. Pokémon GO may be over. Some follow-up on Functors. Uber is experimenting with autonomous cars. Jenn Schiffer has a new Medium article out. André Staltz explains pure functions in JavaScript.

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    47: With Great Visibility Comes A Lot Of Knee-Jerk Reactions

    Once again we have a bunch of technical problems. We have a funny JavaScript satire article for you. Kahlil learned React. npm website code is no longer public. Kahlil is fighting with this Angular component. Trump is getting beat up more.

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    46: Look At Me Writing Bash Scripts!

    Raquel is still playing Pokémon Go. npm camp happened. KarlsruheJS happened. npm's WD-40 tools week happened. Kahlil likes create-react-app. Nodebots Day happened. Rockbot will be speaking at various conferences. Stackoverflow Documentation is a thing. Kahlil is involved in music project that is being released this month. Rockbot read a book about people management. There is new Node drama.

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    45: Pokémon Go Came Out And The Internet Just Shut Up

    Henning is still moving to Florida. Github changed their fonts and people freaked out. Raquel explains Pokémon Go to Kahlil. HyperTerm is hype. npm has a new CTO. Reply All told the left_pad story. American politics are weird.

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    44: I'm Kind Of A Big Deal On Snapchat

    We talk about Snapchat, what is it good for? How do you use it? This might be Henning's last show from Germany. Jessica Lorde explained Electron on Hanselminutes. Maciej Cegłowski talks morality in tech. Kahlil ditches Browserify for Webpack. Trello made an app for Slack.

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